3 Things I Thought of First

1) Capri Sun Big Pouch (seriously- this was MY brilliant idea back in the 80s when I was seriously focused on my soccer career after winning the state tourney (yes, it’s true). This was before Gatorade was cool so natch we celebrated with orange slices and Capri Suns, which were clearly too small).

2) Flipsides. (Half cracker, half pretzel. 100% Genius. Only I would have called them “Halfsies” which I thought was really cute…)

3) The late night fold-up shoe. (You know, you’ve been out all night in your heels, dancing the night away and you just wish you had a different pair of shoes- but you don’t and even though you thought about bringing a second pair, you knew they wouldn’t have fit in your wristlet? Enter the Sam Bennett Flip Flop Fold Up- something I thought of while sitting outside on the concrete in front of The Onion).

Anyway, I’m over those. In fact, I’m focusing my newest efforts on technology and have some ideas and applications that just need investors (if you’re interested) but in the meantime, I wanted to share this post on The Top 10 Greatest Inventors in the Modern Era. From automobile bumpers to the light bulb- these are worth reviewing. And consider this- you’ve probably only heard of a few of them- but they’ve each filed hundreds of patents…so it’s a numbers game. Like most things. Anyway- be inspired. Invent Halfsies before Town House steals your idea and calls it something not nearly as pithy, like Flip Sides.

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