A scam on Groupon? The beginning of the end?

What is it about companies that make them successful?  Is it always a great product? No. Is it a fancy logo? No.  Its usually customer service and the relationship formed with their customers.  Reputation is the main thing companies are judged on, and a bad rep can cause you to fail almost immediately.

Tony Montana had the right idea in Scarface: “All I have in this world is my [manlyhood] and my word and I don’t break them for no one.”

Well, reputation could be in major jeopardy for Groupon with the latest story on Mashable today. A company named Specialty Organics placed a daily deal claiming delivery of organic fruits to the Denver area. This seems pretty normal except that local organic farmers are crying foul because there isn’t enough produce grown locally to supply such a request and therefore many feel it is a scam.

Article on Mashable about Groupon

The main reason I say this is a cause for concern is because, if some company with a name that was just created to cover up their previous failures can get on groupon, then so can any other scam artist who can create a false business front.  And from Groupon’s perspective, that could damage the TRUST customers have with the brand causing them to go elsewhere.

Stay Tuned!!!

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