Animated GIFs are NOT Making a Comeback

…They never left.

I’ve been on the animated GIF bandwagon ever since I saw this during the GIF resurgence of 2007.  I find any excuse to embed them in emails, blog posts or daily conversation. They provide 4 seconds of awkward animation relaying a moment in time that relates (or doesn’t relate) to whatever emotion I’m trying to convey. The recent popularity of What Should We Call Me and When In (insert various cities/colleges/cult gatherings) are bringing GIFs mainstream again and I’m not even mad about it.

Here at GSD&M, the GIFs have been a core part to our website. For last year’s redesign, we asked our employees to take a series of photos to be featured on – Buster Bluth style. Employees racked their brains and took their turns working it for the camera.

I work very closely with the content on, so I have grown very close with lots of the photos. Here’s a look at a few of my favorite employees shots. NOTE: These are not my favorite employees. Ok – well maybe some of them are…


Check out the video below to learn about the history of the GIF from PBS. Spoiler alert: They tell you how to pronounce GIF and it’s pronounced like the peanut butter Jiff. And you can take it one step further by making your own GIFs with apps like Cinemagram and GIF Shop.

Which are your favorite employee GIFs on our site? Comment below.

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