Art you glad you’re in Austin???

Driving down South First street it’s hard not to notice the Austin art on the way. One in particular is the Roadhouse Relics Austin mural. In all it’s glory, the mural really captures Austin in that it’s colorful, a bit off the beaten path and it’s welcoming.

Starting today, GSD&M will house some of Austin’s greatest artwork to include pieces from Roadhouse Relics, Brooke Gassiot, Colin McIntyre, RAD Furniture, Magda Sayeg, Sunny Harralson, Daniel Johnston, Clark Curtis, Evan Voyles, Hugh MacLeod, Dave Mead, Ian McLagan, Ricardo Rivera / Klip collective, and Jared Dunten.

We invite you to come take a look and take in what makes Austin so unique.#Austin #SXSW #GSD&M #WeLiveHere

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