Bruce and Twitter

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Twitter since I signed up a year ago.  I think we’re still feeling each other out but I think we’re warming up a little bit.  The greatest experience I’ve had with Twitter so far is the exchange between Bruce Springsteen and Eric Burdon (from the bands The Animals and War for you youngsters).  During his SXSW keynote speech Bruce was giving his own history of musical influences and talked about how big an impact The Animals made on him as a kid.  Then he sang an acoustic version of “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”.  Within 30 minutes of his speech ending, Eric Burdon tweeted Bruce saying thanks for the shout out, thanks for singing the song and letting Bruce know he was also in town for SX.  Cut to Bruce’s show 6 hours later at the Moody Theater where Burdon comes out to sing the song with Bruce.  And Bruce mentioned his amazement at how it all happened.  Very fun experience.

For a viewing of Bruce’s keynote speech check out the link below.  It’s pretty damn meaningful and entertaining.

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