Highlights from the SXSW Interactive Opening Party

Here’s a glimpse at what we saw at the frog design kick-off party at the Palmer Events center on March 8, 2013.

Lightsnake Skeleton

This was a cool lit-up 5-man bicycle that was in the shape of a snake skeleton. It was super fun to watch and you could see it from far away. Great attention-getter.


Rate The Music

Such a simple idea, but I found this to be a super fun way to get people to interact. Guides would hand out round stickers and ask people to rate the music they were hearing. People would then walk up to the board and rate the music that was currently playing. Everyone was involved. SIMPLE. FUN. CHEAP. INTERACTIVE.


Book of Light

SOME DAY LIGHT MIGHT BE CHEAPER THAN INK! This display showcased a machine that lights up paper material, whether it be black and white OR color. I kept thinking that this is something I must explore. I think people were amazed by the vivid, crisp color. It was very fun to play with.


Touch Tunes

They had these cool music machines looked like a “juke box”. People picked the music they wanted to hear. The DJ played it and it showed up on the big screen. People loved it!  Everyone loves being able to recommend their music and enjoy it too.


Wall Projector

Okay, we had these in high school a long time ago… but somehow we still have them today. Great for events! It’s a cheaper way to light up the walls and put your logo all over the place with out paying for an expensive sign. You have to transport, get the proper mounting gear then hang it up… Don’t forget you still have to take it down and fix the holes in the walls. No ruined walls here. Just turn off the “on” button and wrap up the projectors. GREAT FOR PARTIES!


Zen Garden

This display featured a sand zen garden that had a robot (like the vacuum cleaner) going around racking the sand. Not pictured is the actual robot, which was small like the cool new vacuum cleaner you’ve seen on TV.

By Dolores Palmisano
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