Nerd Profile: Jenna Mastalir


What’s your title or role at GSD&M?

Sr Media Planner, tastemaker of life and enthusiast of all things culturally relevant and irrelevant.

What’s your association with interactive and new technologies being developed for GSD&M’s client roster?

My history is unwritten at this point, but I hope to make everyone a little more digital.

How “innovative” is too innovative? When it breaches someone’s privacy or security?

Everyone has to decide for themselves how much they want to share widely or publicly, but standards should be put into place for how corporations use private data.  For instance, a father of a young teenager called Target furious when his daughter had received a Target Baby direct mail piece in the mail. As it turned out, the young woman was indeed pregnant but was trying to keep it secret, for obvious reasons.  Her product search behavior on Target.com ended up giving her away, triggering a coupon from Target’s direct mail department.

With the ubiquity of tablet devices and smart phones we see today, how much further can we take it? 

Device fragmentation will continue to happen so long as companies are able to create demand and keep up with natural resources.

What is it that keeps a user engaged in a site? In a brand?

Constant feedback loop. Technology & innovation has created an instant gratification culture. Companies who can keep up with this expectation will form the strongest brand connections. Having a pretty and friendly face helps, but consumers are smart to identify the flaws and will substitute your brand in a blink of an eye.

Where do you think technology will be in the next year? The next 5 years?

  • Facebook will either rule the world, or will sink, die, and rise as a new social phoenix
  • Smartglass will allow us to stay continuously in the stream and connected at all times
  • In 2013 we will see an increase in the amount of content shifting away from ad-supported business models to pay-per-view or subscription-based models
  • Social TV grows up, and becomes part of the narrative rather than a conversation about narrative
  • 2013 will be the year of mobile (I couldn’t help it!)

Do you have a Doppleganger? Who is she? What is she like?

I think I must have lived many past lives, because people are always telling me I look familiar.


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