Redd & Dale & Johnny & Jason & Quiet & Dawes

Our designers put together some eye candy for our recent showcases. Check out work from Greg Thomas, Bailey Sullivan, Ellen Springer, Marc Ferrino, Morgan Delk, and Larry Hackney.

We spoke with a couple of the designers to get some back story on their work:

Bailey on Redd Voelkart: The concept of the poster was inspired by Redd’s own website which is decked out with pig pictures. I did the lettering by hand, vectored it in Illustrator then finished up the textures in Photoshop

Greg on Dale Watson: In the end this one was simple, got the point across and had some attitude. All we needed for Founders’ Day.

View all of our showcase posters on Pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/gsdm/gsd-m-poster-designs/.

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