Spring Means Summer

The earth has tilted back towards the sun and the warmer seasons are upon us. Well, in Austin, we usually skip right over spring and get right into summer. And so we head lakeside, poolside, whatever it takes to avoid getting the summertime heat blues. And how do you beat the blues? Summertime music, of course.

Our resident tune-lovers shared their favorite sun songs. Some of them are new bands that are making a break onto the scene just in time for the festival season, others just make you want to roll down the windows and cruise (until it gets too hot and then it’s back to A/C). One song included is even titled “The Fall” but it’s perfect for our Spring/Summer dual season.

There are new songs you might not have heard yet like “Cayucas” which will make you smile, newish songs like “Brand New Start” which will make you smile even bigger and then there’s “Good Vibrations” which isn’t new at all.

Smile, ya’ll. Summer’s here.

 Compiled by Adriane Weast, Maria D’Amato, Tyler Booker, Alex Roka, John McGrath, Reagan Ward and Adele Hazan
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