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In order for public radio stations like KUT and Minnesota Public Radio to survive these days it is imperative that they start introducing a visual component to go along with their radio segments, creating rich media stories from multiple angles. Radio producers are learning to work with video producers, and compromise on elements that could satisfy both needs. These days most Radio Producers at stations like these are being trained to produce across all mediums.

Al Letson of State of the Re:Union ( is a good example of the New Generation of Public Radio on-air talent.  He starts with a radio episode and builds upon that to include a “short doc” and photos.

Austin: Trailer Eateries

Not to brag or anything but I know the Integrated Production team at GSD&M has been doing this for quite some time now.  Integrating isn’t new to us, and I am proud to say that. Digital Producers and Broadcast Producers are working together daily to make sure both teams needs are met for various jobs or campaigns.   We have Print Producers producing Radio and TV Spots; Broadcast producers being trained in Digital Production weekly and Digital producers learning how a TV spot is executed. Integration is the way to go.





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