No, wait.

Facebook just sucked the living soul out of Instagram.

The blood-sucking began soon after Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion back in April 2012. First, it was the integration of Instagram feeds into Facebook timeline. Then, it was the unlinking of twitter handles and Instagram shares. Now, it is the implantation of Facebook’s timeline layout DNA into Instagram’s soul, a la web profile pages.

Facebook just sucked the living soul out of Instagram.

I fell in love with Instagram’s “speakeasy” element. It was a mobile-only experience, focused on capturing and enhancing the beauty of photos. It had an underground artist meets artist feel. No one could Google my name and find my Instagram feed. It wasn’t a popularity contest or self-promotional. Users gathered on Instagram to partake in a shared joy, unseen to the World Wide Web. It was all about non-curated and non-judgmental self-expression, discovery, art, inspiration.

That was exactly what made it cool. And, now it’s all gone.Firstly, the Instagram web profile pages look just like Facebook’s timeline. Templated or copied designs never, ever earn cool points.

Secondly, it’s now available on the Web, which means anyone can view my photos. Prior to this, I was never concerned about what photos I should or should not post – I posted what I felt was art. But, now that the World Wide Web has access to comprehending my shots (and because we should all manage our digital reputations), I am forced to censor my definition of art.

And, that, my friends, is the first step to diminishing creativity and self-expression. Congratulations, Facebook. You just sucked the living soul out of Instagram.

What does this all mean?

My theory is that Facebook and Twitter friends and followers will now be duplicated over onto Instagram, creating three hugely homogenous pools of indistinguishable followers. The duplication already exists for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn connections are Facebook friending me. Twitter followers are connecting with me on LinkedIn. Next is adding Instragram into the mix.

It is certainly a smart move for Facebook as they can now begin chipping away at Twitter’s competitive user numbers, but it sure does demolish my ever-so-carefully crafted organization and segmentation of network-specific use.


Facebook – widen my network, and keep up to date with acquaintances

Twitter – the Advertising TLC channel of my life; people I nerd out with

LinkedIn – professional networks of friends and acquaintances

Instagram – private art galleries where no one can bother me

In the near future:

Facebook – moshpit of people

Twitter – moshpit of people

LinkedIn – moshpit of people

Instagram – moshpit of people

See. Facebook just killed Instagram. Who’s next?

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