Finding the Perfect Score

It’s no secret – the soundtrack and score to a film evoke emotion. C’mon – you still cry when you hear “My Heart Will Go On” and you know it! The score is a part of storytelling and is essential to marketing as well. But how do you find that perfect score?

Back in 2010, Jordan Passman noticed that there wasn’t a dedicated community out there for composers looking for work. He saw craigslist ads for various music gigs, but there was no place to connect composers with filmmakers. And so ScoreAScore was born – a no cost, no obligation resource to hire a composer or find original music for your work.

Passman has a group of over 175 composers who cover every music genre with varying levels of expertise (even Grammy winners are on there). He vets requests through the group and then pares them down for his clients to help find the best match for what they are looking for within their budget. As a musician himself, he empathizes with a composer’s desire for great projects and a filmmaker’s quest for the best music for their story.

“Anything needs music, even pyrotechnics,” he explains. ScoreAScore has worked on projects including  feature films, commercial work, video game trailers, movie trailers, reality TV and even what might be a live firework show. And when it comes to ads, ScoreAScore has worked with brands like Google, Crayola, Burger King, Ally Bank, Skechers and more. Crowdsourcing the creative process allows for plenty of options that can be customized to exactly what you need in a short amount of time, which is something that agencies often demand.

Check out some of my favorite spots that ScoreAScore…scored.

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Nest score from Luke Atencio and Hannah Gingrich.

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The Gates Foundation score from Lee Brooks.

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Google Chrome score from Polly Hall.

Learn more about ScoreAScore here:

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