Graph Search: A New Depth of Personalization

By Morry Mitrani

Facebook has finally been able to provide something that the Internet behemoth Google has not been able to: personalized results.

Online search has become such an integral part of the we way discover things that it makes sense that Facebook would utilize its massive database of personal information to create more relevant search results. Facebook knows exactly what you and your friends like because you’ve been feeding it your personal data and preferences for years.

Last night I was craving Mexican food, but wanted to try something new. I work with a lot of cool Austinites, so I decided to get some recommendations from them!

Google has made a fortune off of search engine marketing. It’s time that Facebook gets a piece of the pie. Mark Zuckerberg says this is only the beginning, and that we will see some great advancements of Graph Search within next few years. By applying the search feature to their mobile platform, Facebook would be able to reach their fast growing mobile users and will certainly make a profit. Facebook hasn’t mentioned how Graph Search on mobile will be used yet though, nor has it mentioned how it will be monetized.

Graph Search allows for extremely relevant targeting opportunities. Although no new ad capabilities have been announced, Zuckerberg foresees great opportunities for Facebook due of Graph Search. This in turn creates great opportunities for advertisers. Facebook’s current method for SEM is to provide a sponsored result when searching for something using the old search feature. Now that Graph Search provides more relevant results than we’ve ever seen, a sponsor could hone in on almost exactly who they’re looking for.

If you haven’t yet, I suggest you go to here and join the waiting list for Graph Search Beta. Go exploring!

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