How to Find a Unicorn

More often than not, I get requests from hiring managers asking for:

A digital designer who can create beautiful and intuitive interactive designs, but also can screen-print, build furniture, and make 8-foot-in-diameter pizzas.

A strategist who has the brain of a quantitative researcher, heart of a qualitative researcher, and a side hobby of being a Nascar racecar driver.

An account manager who has robust ad agency experience, robust client-side experience, robust broadcast production, robust cutting-edge digital work, robust management skills, paired with a slice of robust manchego cheese.

This is what I call the hunt for a unicorn.

Here is how I go hunt for unicorns:

1)      Locate a large, dense forest with a reflection pond.

2)      Wear a hooded and footed bear costume, rubbed with the essence of eucalyptus and juniper ash.

3)      Fast for a week, to strengthen my inner resistance to any and all forms of disturbance.

4)      Become one with the forest.

These four steps have led to a natural discovery of many unicorns – beautiful creatures whose gallops announce salvation, whose manes breath hope, whose horns sear triumph.

Every time I pass one of our many unicorns in our mystical forest, I am reminded of the magical-ness and uniqueness of each one.

It makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs: I love unicorns!

But I dare not, because to remain a dweller amongst unicorns, I must not scare them off, or disturb their habitat.

I must lightly skip across the pond, the way unicorns do.
I must glisten in the sun, the way unicorns do.

I must defend my ground when savagely cornered by the enemy, the way unicorns do.
But, I also must be tame to a kind person’s touch, the way unicorns do.

I too, must become a unicorn.


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