I love everything about you… except your mustache – Valentine’s Day at GSD&M

It can be tough to tell your friend or loved one exactly how you feel on Valentine’s Day. How do you put “I love everything about you except your mustache” or “despite your basketball addiction and pet rabbit, I think you’re the greatest” into words? Wordsmith and copywriter Shannon Hollsten put our employees’ feelings into poems.

Feel free to second that emotion. If you’ve got the notion.


LOVE LIMERICK TO EVAN #1 (from Adrienne)

We have a love that’s really first rate.

Everything about us feels like fate.

Although if you were to ask

I’d say I hate your mustache

But everything else is pretty darn great.


LOVE POEM TO MIKE #2 (from Erika)

If our love was creature

It would for sure be a bear

Or a puma. Or tiger.

Or a lion in its lair.


Or maybe a Squirrel

Or a cute baby owl.

Any of those really,

But DEF not a fowl.


The point that I’m making

Is that I love you a ton.

And with that mushy line,

This poem is done.



I fell in love with a smart Engineer.

How that happened is sort of unclear.

You own a pet that’s a rabbit

And have an NBA habit

But this feeling of love just won’t disappear.



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