If metrics drive design,what does that mean for designers?

For a designer, using metrics to influence your design sounds scary. I mean if data can tell you how to design something, what does that mean for designers? During the SXSW “Metrics Driven Design” discussion, we looked at how metrics can be a designers best friend by reducing arguments based on opinion, giving you answers about what really works,  helping to show a designer their strengths (great at designing content flow?) and pleasing clients (we all know they love metrics!).

Now perhaps Google went a little extreme when they tested 41 different shades of blue when they couldn’t decide between two different shades. But, if we can remember that metrics are not creative, human beings are.  I think we can find a way to bring metrics and design together to improve experience and ultimately use metrics to make design changes that have a positive impact to your client’s (or your organization’s) bottom line.

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