Janice Suter and the Media Landscape

An interview with Janice Suter, Associate Media Director/Emerging Media Did you always want to do advertising?

Well I bailed from the business school at UT because at the time the business school left little room for non-business courses, so switching to the College of Communication and the Advertising program gave me the exposure to  a more creative and expressive curriculum and that attracted me to the industry.

What is your history at GSD&M?

Graduated from UT Austin with an advertising degree and jobs were pretty scarce at the time. Because of this, my first gig was in catering which eventually led to my advertising internship with The Davis Group. Through this connection, I was hired on at GSD&M when we staffed up to service MasterCard, a huge win for a mid-sized agency in Austin, TX.

And my passion for new and emerging media allowed me to help shape the Emerging Media focus and my role at GSD&M.

What do you want people to know about your role at the agency?

There is much more to digital than banners and search. I spend a lot of time trying to understand new platforms and what is going on in the media landscape – who is using and how they are using media technologies. My role is to help teams marry up client objectives to appropriate digital/emerging opportunities.

I also want people to know I’m a resource to bounce ideas, and demonstrate how developing media platforms can provide innovative solutions for our clients.What emerging trends do you see coming?

I’ve been fascinated with the evolution of publishing and tablets. How people’s behavior is transforming the publishing industry. Really, the new inventory that’s being created through these new platforms which are a huge area of opportunity for advertisers.

Media now allows brands to capitalize on these interactive capabilities – providing links, and integrating product/storytelling into these traditionally linear platforms.

One platform I’m focusing on is Google+ and it’s on everyone’s radar at the moment. It’s going to be a strong contender moving forward.

What has shocked you most about your role?

How quickly things change in terms of technology, data, and user participation.

The media landscape presentation/information needs to be updated almost every month to keep up with the fast pace of technology and consumer adoption.

It’s important to stay on top of trends, which means reading news feeds, creating dialogue and developing new platforms for storytelling to stay relevant.

What sites do you go to for news?

The New York Times – your clients and the mainstream are reading this pub. It’s important to know what consumers are being exposed to. A few others are iMedia Connection, AAAA Smartbrief, MediaPost, Mobile Marketer, Mashable, Tech Crunch and e-Marketer.

How do you consume news?

Feeds and Twitter. I’m trying to extract myself from email feeds because it eventually becomes clutter.

What media platform is most interesting to you?

Absolutely Twitter because it’s an incredible and valuable tool. It’s really a great real-time way to get information and in my opinion, is almost better than a Google search.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I’m an endurance athlete and completely restlessness when it comes to races, improving performance and finding new ways to stay fit. I’m always striving to improve and build on what I’ve done. Food and family are also my passions. And enjoying Austin. I’ve found my home.




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