Key Takeaways from Record Breaking Webinar

Hubspot’s Science of Social Media Webinar will be certified by Guinness World Records as the largest online marketing seminar ever.  Fast talking Dan Zarrella shared data backed social media insights and scored a brief spot on Twitter’s trending topics with the hash tag #smsci. Here are some 140 character highlights and the stats behind them:

Creating better content is greatest correlation to growth of social media following. #smsci#smsciSocial proof is a risk reduction mechanism #smsci #danzarrella Peeps want to use safe source, but be first to send as well.#smsciBest time 2 tweet is towards the end of the week, the rate of RTs spikes on Friday. #smsci#smsci

Nouns and verbs perform better than adjectives. Make sure #Snooki can read it (5th grade level) #smsci#smsci#smsci


Tweets with “Please ReTweet” are RT’d 4 times more than ones without the request. #smsci#smsciMyth: Don’t call yourself a guru #smsci #danzarrella#smsciClick thru rates better on Sat & Sunday’s #smsci #danzarrella Less tweets to compete against.#smsci#smsci the takeaway from the biggest webinar ever: Share the initial engaging content on wknd and dont forget the call to action.

If you missed #smsci download Dan’s free book and slides

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