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It’s a part of our culture. We share our opinions/emotions/fleeting thoughts on any platform that will let us. Whether it’s as simple as a Facebook thumbs up of approval or as antagonistic as a political statement declaring war on the commenter above.

I’ve always been intrigued by the type of people who feel so passionately about an article or video, that they insist on leaving a comment. Actually, it’s the comment section of an article that sometimes provides new, more interesting light on a subject. You can also find some very entertaining lines of copy on YouTube in the comment section below a video. Spelling errors? Usually. Misguided parenting advice? Typically. But it’s worth the read.

Today, Arianna Huffington was interviewed by Mashable about the over 175,000 comments The Huffington Post receives per day.

“People no longer want to passively sit back and be served up news, information and entertainment. They want to engage with a story, react to it, add to it and share it,” she explains.

So before you share you latest found article or video, take a moment to learn from those who have taken time and energy to comment. They have some important things to say.

And now for your entertainment, a few of my favorite YouTube comments:

Tribute to Shark Week on the Honey Badger video:

Tribute to my favorite show:Tribute to 98 people being weird like you:


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