Love Etsy? Welcome Foodzie.

“Just because something tastes awesome doesn’t mean it can make it into stores…” Not everyone is as lucky as Royito’s (now exclusively at Whole Foods, and no, I’m not getting a cut.)

This idea is the premise for Emily Olson’s Foodzie, a web marketplace that connects small vendors with shoppers across the U.S. Inspired by the purpose and the success of Etsy, Olson (26) and her team began Foodzie by leveraging the digital space as a new distribution model for small food producers across the country. The site is simple, straightforward, and smart. Upon my first visit to the site, I was able to pull up a quick listing of all the great local/homemade/slow food in my area.

Right now, *Foodzie hosts nearly 400 sellers nationwide and expects to quadruple sales by the end of 2010. Just one more example of how good ideas and technology not only make things possible, but change behaviors and expectations.

*Most facts pulled from Entrepreneur:

The article is about young entrepreneurs that start game-changing companies on a dime…there are more examples, so check them out. Maybe the next one will be yours…

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