Making a SXSW list and checking it twice

This will be my second SXSW, though the first living here in Austin. In fact, I’ve only lived here for a little over three months so I’m still learning the city and finding those hidden gems that make Austin unique. When I read an article in The New York Times titled “36 Hours: Austin, Tex”, I was of course intrigued.

James Chauncy at East Side Showroom, a bistro with live music. Photo by Matt Rainwaters for The New York Times

Over the course of SXSW 2011 I didn’t make it to a single one of these locations, not to say I didn’t have a blast, but I realize looking back that maybe I should have ventured out of the immediate convention center area a bit more. Of the 26 places listed on the NYT list I’ve only visited 4? How can this be? I feel like a bad Austin-ite.

One of my goals this year will be to not only attend all the panels I possibly can but also to venture outside my bubble. Maybe I’ll find someone to share a Mother Clucker with me.

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