Motorola Xoom Tablet nabs CES Best in Show

A great couple of days at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas…the convention halls were buzzing and positively packed with people from all over the globe looking to “make deals” or immerse themselves in the latest consumer tech.   It’s been reported that CES 2011 attendance is finally up after 2 down years.    The endless lines for taxis, shuttle buses and light rail during the conference are a clear sign that, coming out of 2010, people are really excited about the electronics industry and the promise of leading even smarter and more connected lives. 

Tablets are stealing the show this year.  Motorola’s Xoom tablet took CES coveted Best in Show award (other finalists included Blackberry Playbook, Toshiba Tablet and the Samsung Sliding PC 7).    This sleek device delivers on many basic features that the iPad lacked in its introduction…camera (rear and front-facing), HDMI input, 10-inch screen and a faster 4G LTE network.    Video on the device is very crisp and with a lot of depth to it.   Check it!

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