New Crysis 2 trailer. A lesson in style, story and gore.

WARNING: Video is not suited for children. You’ve been warned.

I want it I want it I want it. I will be bad at it but oh God how I want it.

Another phenomenal trailer for Crysis 2 was released recently and it not only made me drool, it made me jealous. Two minutes and seventeen seconds of style, story and gore played to perfection and honed into a killer marketing tool.

I’ve said in the past that we need to look to video games for inspiration when working on digital. Screw that. We need to look to video games for inspiration, period.

This isn’t just a trailer showing off the game’s multiplayer mode with cool scenes, guns and tech. There’s a story here. Two teams land in a battle zone. They stalk each other. They blast each other. They taunt, they sneak, they own. And just when one team thinks they have the jump, they learn differently. There’s actually drama in this little video and that’s what playing the game will be like. At least, that’s what they’ve made me believe the game will be like.

The craft on display here puts most TV spots, “viral videos” and movies to shame. Everything from the music to the pacing to the title cards works together to set a tone and style that will make fan boys and girls line up to drop their Best Buy gift cards.

Now contrast the above trailer with the one released last year that focuses on the story of the game itself. Together they make a one-two punch of soft and hard full of story, drama and style. Oh, and gore. Lots and lots of gore.

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