New Social Contracts will need to come along with New Technology.

Just finished a cool speech by a woman named Deb Schultz. Her theme was based on this observation: “Technology changes. Human Behavior doesn’t.” Dang interesting area to think about, this place where thecnology brings us a new set of social contracts to negortiate. We are going to have to navigate new concepts of privacy, of ownership, of permission. It goes from turning off our phones at movies to “If she friended me, should I friend her?” She just told a quick story of how she was at a speech once and used her phone to look up a fact, to augment her understanding of the speaker’s topic, and this old couple behind her tapped her on the shoulder and said she was being rude. Love that. “Dis-envoweling”? Heard of that? It’s a way social groups onine deal with trolls. They take out all the vowels of the troll’s posts. Gotta love that.

More info on her site at

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