GSD&M Launches SXSurvival Guide Just in Time for SXSW

GSD&M recently launched the SXSurvival Guide to help conference goers make the most of their time in Austin by knowing just what to eat, drink, see and do around town. It provides local insight on the weird, the eats, the drinks, the venues and more for SXSW attendees and uses Pinterest as the guide. The site also features SXSW advice from celebrities like Lance Armstrong and Perez Hilton and blog posts from agency employees sharing more info on their beloved city.


Launch Date                           2/8/2012
CD/AD                                    Bill Marceau
CD/Wtr                                  Bill Bayne
Art Director                           Michael Griffith
Copywriter                             Tyler Booker
Designer                                 Gerren Lamson, Maria DAmato
Developer                               Joel Parr, Kim Faulkner
Information Architect          Oscar Llarena, Eduard Matamoros
Senior Strategist                   Elizabeth Thompson
Project Manager                   Catherine Miller, Matt Kuhles
Account Service                    John McGrath, Melanie Mahaffey, Adele Hazan
Agency Exec. Producer       Jefferson Burruss
Agency Producer                  Teresa Villasenor
Art Producer                         Jessica Spruill
Information Technology      Coan Dillahunty, Kenneth Walden
Business Affairs                     Danielle Zubriski
Studio Services                      Amy Hall

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