New Work: Builder Homesite, Inc.

Are you shopping for a  new home? Or is it really just a new-to-you home? A home that is full of someone else’s problems can quickly become a list of compromises and to-dos. In GSD&M’s first work for Builder Homesite, Inc., the new brand platform looks at what the real meaning of “NEW” is when purchasing a home. Through various media efforts, the “Don’t buy a to-do. Buy new.” campaign proves only new construction gives you a home that is ready to be lived in with the newest technology, amenities and worry-free assurances.


Agency:  GSD&M
Launch Date:   October 22
Work Title:   Don’t buy a to-do. Buy new.
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Director: Glen Sheehan
Associate Creative Director/Writer:  Nicole DuMouchel Davis
Associate Creative Directors/Art Directors: Barry Brothers, Shane Starr
Account Service:  Sam Bennett, Candace Davis
Experience and Insights: Shannon Schulz

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