Popeyes ‘EXOTICO’

Latino consumers agree, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has delicious chicken. And while they enjoy Popeyes, they do not quite understand what Louisiana has to do with it. Louisiana is at the heart and soul of what Popeyes stands for, so we felt it was important to educate the Latino consumer why Louisiana is what makes Popeyes better. But just because Louisiana cooking traditions and joie de vivre make it better, doesn’t mean you have to be from Louisiana to love Popeyes. In Popeyes new Latino campaign, we follow Emilio, a Popeyes superfan, who has made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of his favorite chicken to discover the culture that makes Popeyes so special. Hungry? Check out the work here.

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Agency:  Sibling and GSD&M

Launch Date:   September 2015

Spot Title:  Exotico

Executive Creative Officer: Rafa Serrano

Art Director:  Laura Canzano

Writer:   Christine Amy, Gus Solis, Carlos Riveroll

Executive Producer:   Jack  Epsteen

Producer:  Abigail Hinojosa

Prod. Company:   Washington Square Films

Director:    Ben Hurst, Dave Thomas

Line Producer: Barry Heaps

Editorial: Union Editorial

Editor:     Paul Plew

Assistant Editor: Kevin Ray

Producer: Rob McCool

Account Service:   Ana Leen, Megan Brittain

Marketplace Planning:   Monica Vicens

Color Correction/Finish: Tone

Online Editor/Colorist: Brian Buongiorno

Audio: Pony Sound

Audio Engineer: David Bewley 


Edit House: Union Editorial

Editor: Paul Plew

Producer: Rob McCool

MUSIC: Tequila Mockingbird


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