New Work: Southwest Airlines “Smile”

Southwest Airlines has given travelers great reasons to smile for over 43 years. All with amazing low fares, Bags Fly Free, and legendary Customer Service.

Now we’re doing it again.

Southwest Airlines is going international. Now you can connect to new worlds, cultures, and possibilities with Southwest’s value and unique travel experience.

This is huge news and a terrific reason for everyone to smile. So we’re announcing it in a way that only Southwest can:

“Smile. We got our passport.”


Agency: GSD&M
Client: Southwest Airlines
Title: Smile
Launch Date: May 19, 2014
Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Lara Bridger, Brent Ladd
Creative Director/AD: Will Chau
Creative Director/Writer: David Parson
Director of Production: Jack Epsteen
Executive Producer: Laura Busino
Business Affairs: Danielle Ivicic, Laurie Pascoe
Account Service: Coley Platt, Amy Lyon, Kate Rutkowski, Lauren Bradshaw
Experience and Insights: Michael Dezso
Project Manager: Kanika Pendergrass
Studio: Liz Hamel and Alex Roka
Print Producer: Ellen Hanrahan
Art Buyer: Marilyn Rose
Production Company: Picture Farm
Director: Martin Schoeller
Executive Producer: Chris Bren
Producer: Candice Hoeflinger
Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Sam Selis
Online: Jim Reed
Telecine: Mike Pethel, CO3
Retoucher: Daniel Rodriguez, Lilly Salerno
Audio: Digital Domain
Engineer: Chris Erlon
Producer: Kelly Cotter
Music: Yessian
Composers: Michael Yessian and Mike Dragovic
Executive Producer: Michael Yessian

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