Nothing curious about this blog. Just an early morning moment of gratitude to and for the fine people of GSD&M


*Editor’s Note: Dorian Girard, SVP/People at GSD&M, is chief steward of the agency’s culture. She has worked at GSD&M for 27 years, illustrating her appreciation through her loving and contagious hugs. Dorian is part of the heart that keeps this agency smiling.  


picDThere isn’t anything here I’m going to share that will come as a revelation or something new, and hopefully is a thought or feeling the GSD&M Employees experience often too.

But today I want this to be shared outside of my head and express the continued awe and gratitude for such good-hearted, smart, caring people at GSD&M. Truth be told, this feeling actually happens to me throughout the day, during or after most interactions with GSD&Mers.

The goodness at times is overwhelming – and I am saying good with respect to so many facets – talent, smarts, dedication, heart, passion, compassion, and caring about the right things. Really a few words sum it up for me – the humanity that exists.

I am not talking perfection people. We are an imperfect bunch who make mistakes, have quirks and sometimes different ways, but still a beautiful group of human beings. No I haven’t been smoking anything and I am not trying to be or get existential on everyone. I simply want to validate and reinforce what I experience and observe because I believe it is special. I believe it is worthy of our reflection, acknowledgment and gratitude. And despite our differences, GSD&Mers unite in things that matters.

So thank you to every single one of the GSD&M family, for we are the sum of all our parts.



And Kisses.



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