Observations of a New Austinite: SoCo Signage

I assume that about 90% of the world’s signage is bland and mundane. I mean really, it’s rare for someone to stop and say “Man, what a great sign!”

However, the small percentage of signage that gets it right, well, gets it right. Great signage acts like a welcome mat to people who might be new to a city or have never heard of your business.

Now, in an age of restaurant and store review apps like Urbanspoon and Yelp, you probably won’t say “Hey, let’s eat there because they have a cool sign,” but it will add to the intrigue of an establishment that was previously unknown. It’s “a good sign.”

Living in the very awesome and eclectic neighborhood of South Congress has allowed me to witness some of the best signage this city has to offer. In fact, I’m willing to bet that this one street’s signage is second only to the Vegas Strip when it comes to turning heads. And the best part is that these signs aren’t attempting to pull you into 40 story casinos like the aforementioned Strip; they’re just a bunch of local businesses – families trying to make ends meet. To me, that’s awesome. Here’s a couple of my favorites that caught my eye on day one.

Source: Flickr Account “Alandre”


Source: Flickr Account “Finn”

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