Ode to Bonnie

We’re nearing the end of our countdown of the 40 Best Things We Ever Did. The final posters will be revealed over the next 24 hours and they are the agency-defining, live-on-forever kind of moments. Hearing these stories recounted are a rite of passage over here at GSD&M – if you were even alive during these occasions is irrelevant. This stuff is engrained in everything we do.

We’ve featured a few legendary people on the list including Sam Walton of Walmart, The Clintons and Walter Cronkite, but there are certain employees that fall among this list of stars. And Bonnie Hunter is one of them.

She came to GSD&M in 1974 to keep books for us. It was just to ride out the recession until she could find a job with more “stable” people. But our own charming brand of insanity grew on her (as it does with so many people). And she stayed 22 years. In that time, we became her family. Every employee was a favorite child. And she was a second mother to each of us. After all the love and trust and faith she gave us, naming our grandest conference room after her was the least we could do.Bonnie Hunter PosterCheck out the other posters at

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