Personal Enrichment Through Tinnitus

So here you are in Austin the weather is great. It’s like this year round I promise. It never gets above 80 degrees here. You’re thinking WOW all these people, all this music, drinks, it’s like a constant party…do people even have to work here? I should move here. It really is just like Slacker. Well maybe not, but there are still a few Slackeresque places left in Austin and no the Fader Fort isn’t one of them. Trailer Space Records on the other hand is the place to go if you want to check out some awesome free live music, and try to imagine what Austin was like 10-15 years ago. They are having free shows every day during SXSW, but they have free shows almost every day year round. They are one of the best places to see shows, and they have some awesome records for sale. Every night during SXSW there will be at least one band at TSR that is better than Nirvana ever was.

Friday March 16 is the Monofonus Press day party go get your mind blown by all of those bands. If you’ve heard of and like: Wire, Thee Oh Sees (who are playing at TSR….I’ve seen them numerous times and I saw them at TSR last year and it was a sweaty hot mass of people loving every minute), The Jesus Lizard (I don’t think these dudes are gonna play), Scratch Acid (I think David Yow works as a graphic designer at an ad place…can you imagine…but they’re not playing at TSR)…other garage rock, punk or loud music…you should be at this show. Spray Paint is really good.

Thee Oh Sees play on Wednesday. It will probably be like this so get there early.

The list of shows.

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