Products with Purpose

Has anyone else noticed these little guys popping up all over the place this holiday season?
It’s called Bobble and it’s brilliant. It’s got the design sensibility of Method, the fun color choices of apple and, oh yeah, it has this wonderfully functional filter on the top, so you can get filtered water from any fountain you happen to be standing by.And then there’s this little guy. It’s also focused on keeping you hydrated while you’re on the go and it’s called SipECup.  I saw it the other day while running around Lady Bird Lake.And just in case it’s not intuitive enough, here’s a short instructional video that shows how it works (video no longer available).

According to SipECup’s website, Austinites go through 7,500 paper cups a day while running the trail.  Well not anymore!  Count me out of the paper cup trail!  All I’m going to leave behind is footprints!

The point here is: these are two perfect examples of products born with a purpose.  They’re easy to understand, easy to use and they replace previous solutions with something even better.

What are some of your favorite purpose-based products that are good for people and the environment?

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