Rainn Wilson Wrestled My Brain In the Nuts

A modern day prophet with a bad haircut, Rainn Wilson (you might know him as “Guy in Supermarket” from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or Dwight from NBC’s The Office) is determined to take back the concept of spirituality, rid the world of snark, reassure everyone they’re not alone, and ultimately change the world. How? By getting people really talking again.

Wilson believes life’s big questions are best answered through life’s big conversations. Do we have an intrinsic prayer switch? When is it okay to kill? Does love make you complacent? These are all topics you can discover and discuss on Wilson’s spiritually delicious brainchild, Here’s one: Why the name Soul Pancake? “Because Spirit Taco was taken and Metaphysical Milkshake was a mouthful.” Got it.

Without the slightest sense of self-righteousness or judgement, Soul Pancake is a breath of fresh air on the web. It’s positive. It’s creative. It’s thought-provoking. And on any given day you’ll find Christians, Baha’is, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Mormons (there are only six religions, right?) engaging each other in meaningful and respectful conversation. I think we need much, much more of that. And a few more smiles couldn’t hurt, either.



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