Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Tips For Execution

This panel, led by Scott Belsky of and, was one of my favorites so far. While, I took a ton of inspiration away from it, there was one little tweetnugget I tweeted into the tweether that was retweeted more than most of the grammarless blatherings I usually share on twitter:

Seek to reach credible mass, not critical mass.

Who cares if 50,000 of your Facebook fans like your crappy photography if 50 of the world’s greatest photographers think it’s garbage?

Why overtest your ideas, pandering to slackers hanging around the Orange Julius waiting for $50 and a chance to be an idea killer?

As agencies, we spend a lot of time and money filling our hallowed walls with a smart, funny and CREDIBLE MASS of people. Let’s trust them to decide what’s good. We’re supposed to be idea experts. We shouldn’t be afraid to have an opinion.

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