Stop relying on Ginkgo Biloba for Memory. Start practicing this too!

That’s a picture of a KAH-RO-VAH (or cow in Russian).  How do you memorize that? Imagine a car jumping over the cow (Car-Ovah).  That’s just one of many strategies highlighted in this workshop at SXSW.

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If you want a better memory, this is your guy — Mark Channon.  After all, SXSW is one of those times that you want to remember names and faces.   Sometimes your opportunities depend on the memory recall, whether you like it or not.  If you want to be better at remembering names, there’s a practical application here.  Try it.

1) First, you have to prime your brain.  You have to be relaxed, focused, and concentrating.  If you are meeting someone for the first time, engage.  Don’t just start thinking about how you may never see them again.  Listen to that person.

2) Then you make the magic.  Use your creativity to make things memorable.  If its a name of a person, look for all the interesting things about that person that you can.  Maybe they have a freckle on their face, a sinister smile, or even a receding hairline in the shape of the Florida Panhandle.  Find something that you can associate with that name.  Then repeat the name 2-3 times with that association.  (The example Mark used in the workshop was a picture of a guy “we just met” named Nick.  Nick had a receding hairline.  So, we imagined a razor nicking the top of his head).  WARNING: Do not tell the person what you are associating with their name!

Of course, this process should be practiced often to be effective (like anything else right?!).  There are also many other ways that Mark highlighted, but you truly have to attend one of his sessions or hire him to come do a workshop.  He’s very charismatic, and we are lucky he is sharing it with the world.

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