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Before SXSW 2012 is over, the planning for 2013 begins. When you have a festival as massive and ever-growing as SXSW, there is no other way to prepare for it than to never stop partying planning.

It’s no secret, we are SXSW junkies over here at GSD&M. Last year, we launched and had our 3rd year of SXSurrogates. We hosted The Industry Party during Interactive and I’m 99% sure one of our employees got a SXSW tattoo. While it’s too soon to tell you what we have up our sleeve this for 2013, we will give you a look at the panels we’re involved in.imageDigital Teleportation from Ben Thoma

While the reality of teleportation devices in SciFi films may not happen in our lifetime, there is an interesting emergence of technology and storytelling that has brought us closer to it in some fascinating ways. Combine the technical tinkering of curious minds, the availability of digital sensors and components, the ubiquity of the web browser and what you get are unique projects that allow ordinary people to make music requests of player pianos, skip a stone across a pond and take a ride on a blimp—all without being there. Our digital hands are now reaching across the miles in ways that allow access to experiences that would have previously required us to be there. Now they simply request that we sign in. Get to know some of the minds behind projects like these and how they are being used to push brands into some amazing places.

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Creating Content Consumers Want and Powers Brands from Stephen Land

For the past sixty plus years, advertising has been an uninvited guest in people’s homes, cars and lives. But today marketers have the incredible opportunity to go from being uninvited guests to being five-minute friends. Coming from the worlds of Hollywood, Madison Avenue and video games our panelists will discuss how content creation can be effective for everything from major motion pictures to corn flakes.

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Covering Your Ass in Digital IP Production from Jenn Kennedy

Advertisers always want to own everything created for them, from concept to code. Developers have suggested that agencies are responsible for all intellectual property liability, including patent liability, on concepts they create, where the agencies state that it’s the responsibility of the developer to be experts and avoid infringing on intellectual property for content they build. Who owns the code could suggest who is responsible for the liability or purchasing insurance but what are the realities in taking such a plan into the real world? We will explore those and other solutions in the navigation of building partnerships yet making sure you’re covering your own ass.

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Using Your Online Network to Get Work #IRL from Jocelyn Lai

We’ve all digitally stalked hiring managers before: followed them on Twitter, sent a Facebook friend request, liked their Instagram photos, Highlighted them, sent an InMail, name-dropped common connections. But, does it actually work, and how do the hiring managers perceive this? Then there is that awkward moment when you are at a networking event and you recognize the hiring manager you’ve been digitally stalking. What is appropriate? We’ll discuss how to build and maintain professional relationships digitally, and how to transcend them into relationships, #IRL, and most importantly, into jobs or new hires #IRL (in real life).

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Jocelyn is also participating in this panel with fellow Austin agency folks Befriending Internet People in Real Life. Vote here:

Owned, Earned and Shared – The Awareness Perfect Storm from Stacey Schwab

Legacy wanted to affordably maximize their efforts in helping smokers re-learn life without cigarettes. So they worked with us to develop a multi-dimensional campaign that leveraged all assets via paid, owned, earned and shared media. The idea? Comedians Randy and Jason Sklar teamed up with Legacy to help their fans quit smoking through a new comedy series, The Tweekly News, featured on In each episode, the Sklar brothers hosted a weekly “Time to Re-Learn” segment where they offered humorous advice to stars on Twitter. The videos were shared across multiple social media platforms – all of which helped amplify awareness of the brand without an oversized spend.

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Alright blog reader, we are counting on you for a vote. Voting ends on August 31.You can view all panel submissions here: Thanks for your support. We really do love you.

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