The Four Hour Body: Hacking the Human Body

I would say that the purpose of this panel was to make people squirm, but it seemed the real purpose was to draw readers to Tim Ferriss’ New York Times Bestselling book “The Four Hour Body”. He made me want to read it. He threw out random facts.  Eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up to maximize weight loss and muscle gain.

30 grams of protein =

1 large chicken breast.

3.5 glasses of milk.

5 eggs

1 whole cow (kidding – but 30 grams is a lot of protein)

Will I read the book?  Definitely.  I want to re-read/ingest some of these crazy facts and potentially see if they work.

The panel opened by watching a video of him in South Africa –for legal reasons he could not do this in the US– having a biopsy his own leg muscle tissue.He had been told that genetically, he didn’t have strong fast twitch muscle fibers, meaning he wasn’t meant to sprint…his muscles were made better for endurance.  After scientifically reading the biopsy, it turns out that these genetic formations can actually be ‘trained away’. He did have strong fast twitch muscle fibers.He could be a sprinter. You can change your DNA!

So my main take away was that I can be an Olympic sprinter!

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