The Lost Pecan Lounge

By Colin Gray

It started, as many good things do, with a complaint. Why does a full service creative shop not have one single Nintendo Wii?

To put it another way, when you go to the zoo, you want to see animals. GSD&M at times felt less like a zoo and more like an office.

We did get a Wii. It languished sad and lonely in a drawer in a meeting room where it could never be used.

So I started chatting with Rob McDonald and making a plan to secure a proper rec room where people could relax, goof around, and recharge their batteries without worrying about someone coming in to make a conference call.

The IT department was gracious enough to relocate equipment, freeing up a brilliant little space nestled between a copy room and a kitchen.

Under the auspices of Victor Camozzi and Brian Edwards, a crack team of designers including Morgan Delk, Stephen Rockwood, Maria D’Amato, and Joel Parr gathered to transform a computer room into a rustic, relaxed Texas-style bar. Kind thanks as well to Sean Hayden, Jennifer Smith and Alex Roka for their help.

And the Lost Pecan Lounge was born.barn_11

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