The Netflix Meltdown

It’s been pretty amazing to watch Netflix completely destroy their brand. They went from the underdog everyone rooted for to the player that everyone loved to the jerkiest of jerks jerking us around.

I’ve been a Netflix customer for years. I’ve been with them through numerous price changes and plan updates but I’ve always been satisfied because their prices were fair and their selection was extensive. I understood they were a new company tweaking their business plan to find the sweet spot.

But this latest move just seemed greedy. I don’t think it is greedy, I think it seems greedy. Netflix has had to shell out more and more money to studios in order to stream movies and that money has to come from somewhere and that somewhere is us.

Where Netflix messed up is they just sprung this change on us and pretended like it was a good thing for us. Really? Less service for more money and I’m supposed to happy? Forget you.

They should have come straight out and said, “Hey, business costs are going up and we want to make sure we can give everyone the service they want so unfortunately, that means we have to change our pricing plans. We don’t want to but the studios are demanding more and more money so we kind of have to. Sorry.” This would be disappointing but the honesty would let me know they’re not trying to squeeze me, the studios are.

We’ll see if Netflix recovers but they’ve been shedding customers to Redbox and Blockbuster By Mail so it’s going to be tough. I hope they make it because I’m sticking with them. After all, my queue is almost 100 movies long and I’m too lazy to rebuild that list with someone else.

For more on the Netflix debacle, checkout this Huffington Post article:


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