The SXSurrogates Are Back (and Better Than Ever)

There’s been tons of talk around how to survive SXSW this year. Which is great, if you can actually be here. But if you can’t, fear not. We’re giving you the chance to send your own team of SXSurrogates to do the walking and the learning and the partying for you.

Once again, the friendly GSD&M SXSurrogates are here to serve those who will be observing SXSW from afar. And with the ENDLESS amount of content coming out of that conference center, you’ll need all the help you can get. So this year we’ve made the experience even more personal, allowing you to build a custom team to weed out the content you have no interest in and focus on the stuff you really care about.

To assign your Surrogates, it’s simple. Stop by and build your personalized team. You’ll be able to choose your Surrogates based on your interests and other filters to help you find the right GSD&Mers for you. From there, you’ll get your own personal dashboard of all their tweets and blog posts you can follow each day during the conference. All you have to do is log in with Twitter and your team will be there waiting to feed you more delicious knowledge each time you come back.

Have fun attending SXSW from your sofa. We look forward to getting crazy geeky, overindulging in tacos and completely exhausting ourselves on your behalf.

Ladies and gentlemen, your SXSurrogates.

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