twas the night before sxsw

As I sit here and stare at a giant grid of panels, book readings, book readings about book readings and more hipster bands than should ever fit inside a 4 mile radius, i can’t help but to think back to sxsw past. DON’T PLAN ANYTHING. That’s not to say don’t try to see your all time favorite band if they happen to be here, or that speaker who developed that app that does that thing you can’t live without. Plan that. But if you think you’re going to get into, or even get close to getting into, the 127 parties you rsvp’d for on friday night, it’s not happening. And most likely you don’t want it to. The best sx experiences i’ve had happened stumbling down a hallway or bumping into someone in line at a food truck. Enjoy where you are, chances are it’s probably pretty awesome. Promise, you’ll somehow end up after partying with vegas “dancers” and crazy dudes with neck tattoos. Or getting a signed limited edition poster from the artist himself on the way to the restroom. Or picking up Bill Murray on the side of the road and driving him to the east side. Ok, that’s not my story, but it did happen to a friend. I guess my point is, don’t try to do everything, because you might miss something really cool on your way to something really cool. Happy SX’ing!

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