Tweeting Cars??

A car that tweets when you start it or when you get to your destination??  Music that adjusts to your driving style??  All things that could be on the horizon for drivers and their vehicles.  Our vehicles can already give us directions and call 911 if we get in an accident but what is next?  Connecting people in every aspect of their lives keeps getting more prevalent and future apps will connect us in our vehicles.  Of course their are safety concerns but with research showing that hands free devices can be more distracting than the phone to your ear, it is interesting.  All apps thus far have been based on need,  but where does need stop excessiveness begin?

One of the more interesting discussions about connecting people everywhere is around connection speeds.  Most networks are now all 3G but 4G LTE networks are right around the corner.  It was said that 4G will do for connectivity what the iPhone did for smart phones.  4G networks can improve battery life in phones, lower the signal strengths required to download, and allow new technologies into the marketplace.  What role advertising will play in these new technologies will be for us to decide.

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