United Nonprofits of America

I remember the first time I saw the “Corporate American Flag” by Shi-Zhe Yung in 2004.It was cynical and unsettling and it appealed to my 20-something zeal for revolution.  It made me want to raise my fists in protest.  At the same time, it made me marvel at the incredible power of all those logos.  And it made me think, “What if you could take this idea and turn it upside down?  What if, instead of focusing on the cynical side of the equation, you could take the same basic concept and focus on the positive?  What if, instead of corporate logos, you put nonprofit logos in their place, making those nonprofit logos as instantly recognizable as the corporate ones?”And what if that nonprofit flag were customizable?  What if you could drag and drop your favorite nonprofits into place and send e-cards and postcards and fully embroidered, full-sized flags to your friends and family, with the proceeds from the sales of those flags going to the nonprofits themselves?

What if, instead of getting angry at the idea of “Corporate America” we worked together to raise funds for the United Nonprofits of America?

Now there’s an idea with a noble purpose.  Anyone interested in collaborating to make it a reality?


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