Vacation: McClurg Style

Charlie McClurg works for GSD&M as the AT&T Direct Response Project Coordinator and chooses to spend his vacation time quite differently than the rest of us.

It started back in college. Charlie McClurg and his friends wanted to take a road trip – 3 days, no highways, no eating or sleeping anywhere they’ve ever heard of and no set plan. They hit the road and found themselves herding horses, discovering new territory and being more spontaneous than ever before.

That stint paved the way for a later series of trips that took Charlie overseas with his roommate Jonathan. They’ve run with the bulls in Spain (twice), climbed the Pyramids in Egypt (twice) and most recently run with the bulls, climbed the Pyramids and saw the Eiffel Tower all in less than 100 hours. Charlie calls it “the result of a ridiculous game of add-on, travel edition, with neither person willing to back down.”

Jonathan and Charlie representing their alma mater in Egypt.

Well, after some time spent resting up and collecting vacation time, Charlie and Jonathan have decided to do another trip. This time – they are conquering the Eastern Bloc. While they considered Machu Picchu or South Africa, they figured they’ll have time later in life for “more traditional” trips. The Eastern Bloc is something you’ll only do (in less than 100 hours) when you’re young and comfortable with sleep-deprivation and exhaustion.

The sprint starts in Warsaw, Poland this Friday morning, from there the pair will head to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Transylvania and then back to Warsaw. Their flight departs Tuesday morning at 7:50 AM giving them less than 100 hours to complete the loop. Charlie’s only concern is making it back on time for his return flight, but he seems confident that it can be done.

Follow @Chartownhall for updates on his ridiculous sprint trip. I’ll report back after he returns. Powodzenia, Charlie!

In the meantime, I’ll be spending my weekend going to Home Depot, maybe buy some wallpaper, maybe even Bed Bath Beyond. I don’t know if I’ll have time!


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