When you’re not in session…

It’s gorgeous outside today.  Most of us will spend it getting schooled in various conference rooms around the city.  But if you do get a chance to get venture out, here are some things worth venturing to:

Town Lake. Awesome trail for biking, walking, running, hanging out.

Any good Mexican restaurant with a patio.  (Preferably with margarita in hand.)  Vivo, Curra’s, El Chile are all safe bets.

A visit to South Congress, or “SoCo“.  Tons of fun shops, restaurants, etc., such as Perla’s, Guero’s, Homeslice Pizza, Stag, Big Top Candy Shop, and Maya.

The UT drag.  It’s a little ways from downtown, but quintessentially Austin. Zilker Park.  And if you didn’t pack a Frisbee, buy one.

The Texas Hill Country.  Pick a highway and drive either south or west and you should be good.

A visit to any one of these destinations will make you realize why we call Austin home. Follow #WeLiveHere tweets for more recommendations.

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