Your SXSW Surrogates are Coming Soon

Very soon, world, the internet stories featuring Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber will slow down and SXSW coverage will commence. Austin is already buzzing with anticipation for the 25th anniversary of the festival, and GSD&M is ready for it all.

After the success from last year, we will be sending 48 GSD&M employees to SXSW Interactive to report back on the panels and events for For those of you who can’t make it down to ATX this year, you can catch live coverage from the panels on our site. For those of you who are down here, the site will be a hub for coverage of panels you missed, great events you should be at and our favorite spots around town you have to check out.

While our SXSurrogates will be sure to report any Bill Murray sightings and fantastic swag giveaways, they will also be reporting on the panels through a purpose filter. Purpose tells us the difference a brand makes in a person’s life. It’s how we look at everything we do at GSD&M, every day. Whether it’s a product, service or just a new way to think, we’ll be identifying the difference we think things are making and its greater purpose.

You can meet our SXSurrogates on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy some Tom Petty.

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