Leadership from LatinWorks and GSD&M Create Sibling

New Agency Will Focus on Marketing to the “Evolving American Mainstream”

Austin, TX—May 4, 2015—The executive leadership team from GSD&M and the founders of multicultural ad agency LatinWorks announced today the launch of Sibling, an integrated creative and media agency with a multicultural DNA.

The agency will implement a new strategic model for reaching the evolving American mainstream, an audience that defies traditional convention and is strongly influenced by its multicultural heritage. Sibling’s unique approach will help drive growth for progressive client brands who each have their own unique and evolving audience within the total market itself.

Sibling comes from impressive stock—created by senior executives from GSD&M, the leaders in purpose-based marketing and branding, along with the founders of LatinWorks, the country’s leading multicultural agency. The agency will operate out of Austin with creative development led by Executive Creative Director Rafael Serrano, who brings close to 20 years’ general market and multicultural experience including award-winning stops at LatinWorks and Wieden+Kennedy. Alejandro Ruelas, cofounder of LatinWorks, and GSD&M CEO Duff Stewart will also provide leadership support and guidance. “The evolution of the marketplace demands a new marketing approach,” said Ruelas. “American culture has been changing in dramatic fashion, becoming much more global and reflecting the influence of younger, more multicultural people. Sibling will help brands to effectively navigate this new environment.”

According to research firm Ethnifacts, in 2014 the U.S. reached a multiethnic “tipping point” that, in contrast with prevailing census information, argues that the country is already multicultural.

Savvy marketers have noticed these new trends and are also looking for an evolved approach to help them in the development of their multicultural advertising efforts. Sibling will launch with blue-chip clients including Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Southwest Airlines and will seek to grow relationships with new brands and partners.

“The Sibling team’s refreshing perspective and drive to collaborate upfront resulted in more targeted communications elevating our brand leadership,” said Helen Limpitlaw, director, brand communications for Southwest Airlines. “The multicultural audience presents a great growth opportunity for Southwest, so leveraging the expertise of Sibling and our longtime partner GSD&M will prove to be an invaluable offering for our brand.”

“The ability to effectively reach out to our Hispanic audience is key to our plan to continue to grow Popeyes,” said Hector Muñoz, Chief Marketing Officer—U.S., Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. “Our Louisiana-style cooking has appeal wherever we take it, and we know that having a great partner that understands both our audience and our brand will help us bring Popeyes to our Hispanic guests and extend our reach.”

“Sibling is inspired by GSD&M’s purpose-based branding approach and leverages the expertise that built LatinWorks into the industry’s premier multicultural agency,” said Stewart. “Both agencies are headquartered in Austin and have worked side by side informally for years across many clients. It was the right time to come together to create a solution that responds to the seismic changes in the consumer landscape that are being driven by the multicultural population in the U.S.”

About Sibling

Sibling is a full-service multicultural agency that specializes in marketing to the evolving American mainstream. This generation of consumers rejects traditional multicultural badges and lives comfortably in the gray area between their ethnic origin and American culture. Founded by leadership from leading multicultural agency LatinWorks and general market powerhouse GSD&M, Sibling is based in Austin, TX. For more information, visit

About GSD&M

GSD&M is an advertising agency headquartered in Austin and focused on ideas that make a difference. With a restless culture and purpose as a guiding force, GSD&M builds brands with an integrated creative and media approach. For more information, go to

About LatinWorks

LatinWorks is an advertising agency with a specialty in cultural branding. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, LatinWorks is a certified minority enterprise and member of the Omnicom DAS global network. Known for a relentless focus on consumers, the agency lives to anticipate cultural shifts and help brands successfully navigate today’s dynamic marketplace. LatinWorks is one of the most in-demand and awarded creative agencies in the country. For more information, visit

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