New work: Goodyear “NASCAR”

There’s a lot of pressure living up to the standards of NASCAR drivers – Goodyear’s most demanding customers. And Goodyear is giving us a look behind the curtain at the people responsible for hand-crafting each and every race tire they make. At 200 mph, the stakes are high, as are the expectations of NASCAR’s elite. But there’s a reason why Goodyear endures the challenges of these proving grounds. It’s because everything they learn in these grueling conditions inspires what they roll into every Goodyear tire they make.

ECD – Jay Russell
CD – Tim Eger / Jake Camozzi
Writer: Tim Yuen
AD: Stuart Knowlan
Executive Producer: Laura Busino
Account Service: Soni Laing, Jill Whitley
Experience & Insights: Ellen Kolsto
Production: Backyard
Director:Nick Piper
Line Producer:   Anton Maillie
DP: Erich Treml
Executive Producer:   Kris Mathur
Editorial: NO6
Editor: James Duffy
Assistant Editor: Ryan Bukowski
Executive Producer: Crissy DeSimone
Producer: Leslie Tabor
Chemical Effects
Dan Lorenzini – VFX Supervisor
Shauna Prescott – Senior Flame Artist
Jorge Tanaka – Flame Assist
Jenn Mersis – EP
Sandy Beladino – Senior EP
Liz Lydecker – producer.
Eleven Sound
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Assistant mixer: Ben Freer
Assistant mixer: AJ Murillo
Producer: Caroline O’Sullivan

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