New Work: Lennox “What Perfect Feels Like”

In Lennox’s first major campaign in five years, created by GSD&M in collaboration with muralists John Pugh, Fluke and Zek, three murals spring to life in and around consumers’ homes, illustrating that even though an HVAC system is taken for granted, its impact on the home is great. Of all the appliances in the home, only a Lennox HVAC system has the power to show consumers “What Perfect Feels Like.”


LENNAT15006_Dragon_LD15A_7d875x10d5Vault small


Title: “What Perfect Feels Like”
Launch Date: March 30, 2015
Creative Consultant: GSD&M
CCO: Jay Russell
Group Creative Director: David Crawford, Gene Brenek
Creative Director/AD: Sean Keith
Creative Director/Writer: Ray Longoria
Art Director: Kyle Mitchell
Copywriter: Justin Grady
Business Affairs: Laurie Pascoe
Account Leadership: Jeff Orth, Claire Tudor
Project Management: Lauren Bowen
Strategy and Insights: John D’Acierno
Print/Art Production: Kelly Grant
Retoucher: Lilli Salerno & Daniel Rodriguez
Studio Services: Dave Fawcett & George Garcia

Client Executive Producer: Natalie Lum Freedman
Production Company: elastic
Director: Andy Hall
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Producer/Print: Cassie Hulen
Producer/TV: Ron Cosentino
Director of Photography: Tom Sigel
Photographer: Daniel Hennessy

Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Jamie Foord / Gladys Bernadac
Assistant Editor: Lauren Dellara
Editorial Producer: Cristina Matracia
Executive Producer: Angela Dorian
Final Mix: Lime Studios – Dave Wagg
VFX Studio: A52/Elastic
Previs: Halon
2D VFX Artist(s): Andy Bate
3D Artists: Chris Janney, Frantz Vidal, Josh Hardeman, Michael Relth, Wendy Klein, Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Erin Clark, Nick Shiotellis, Caleb Olivant, Julian Fitzpatrick, Michael Cardenas, Sam Sparks
CG Supervisor: Max Ulichney
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Online Editor: Dan Ellis
Producer: Meredith Cherniaek
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Music Credits:
Dragon: Daniel Johnson and Gerard Smerek
Vault: Topher Horn and Michael Yessian
Robot: Daniel Johnson and Patrick O’Brien
Sound Design: Jeff Dittenber
Partner / Head of Production: Michael Yessian
Executive Producer: Gerard Smerek
Producer: Patrick O’Brien

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